Something other than footwear..

Last year, i bought myself a new bag, because the one i always used and loved was sadly in unacceptable conditions. I didn’t want to buy a purse because they’re usually designed to be pretty and not necesarily comfortable or spacious… This is the bag i bought, the brand name is Totto and i have been in love with it ever since i saw it hanging all by itself in the store (my boyfriend was lovely enough to model it for me). To me, it is absolutely perfect, why?
-I’m a neatfreak, and this has a pocket and zipper for EVERYTHING without looking like a maze. It has 3 large compartments (the main zipper, a velcro pocket in the front and back) 2 medium ones (the 2 zippers on the outer most of the bag, which inside include 3 pencil pockets, and a tiny discrete zipper pocket) Also, this bag has a secret zipper pocket on the very inside of the large compartment, and one tiny one on the bottom back of the bag specifically for your cell phone.
-It expands: which is wonderful, because it sucks having a huge bag hanging off your shoulder everywhere you go JUST in case… So this bag has an outer zipper on the sides (seen in foto) which allow the bag not only to expand downwards, but sideways as well, which is wonderful!! when expanded, i can fit jackets and books inside aside from my regular things!
-It’s lovely. The color is perfect, it matches with everything. it’s not a purse, just a bag, so it’s totally Co-ed, and it’s simple.
-The strap is adjustable and it is W I D E. I hate it when i have to carry heavy things around, especially long distances, and the bag they’re in is cutting the circulation off to your shoulder and entire arm. This strap is just sturdy and wide enough that it’s totally comfortable and doesnt torture your shoulder muscles.

I’m always in search of the perfect bag, and i think this one comes pretty close. I’d love to hear from someone who is also in love with their bag, or someone who knows of a great brand of bags or backpacks!

Loving Hlaska bags lately. I recently bought one of their backpacks and have been super happy with it.