Something for unemployed/underemployed/peeved designers

I read about these in the Guardian last week. Here is some text I found on the net about them:

Featured at the 2004 Paris Tuning Show, AWR announced the world’s most expensive wheel. A joint creation of AWR, a prestige brand specializing in car customization that markets several high-spec ranges of products throughout Europe, and the world famous jeweler, Gérald Chopard Guillaumot (in Moulins), a car enthusiast and driver who worked as a consultant for Miluna during the creation of the jewel for Miss France 2000, this wheel combines the latest technologies applied to top-of-the-line wheels, together with the unique shine of a work of art that is worthy of the most beautiful jewelry.

The wheel is based on the 18" AWR “Aquila” model, a single-piece lightweight alloy type with visible screwing and “full chrome” luxurious finishing touches. The visible screwing system consists of 19 screws made of 750/1000° or 18K solid gold – a total of 380 grams of gold per wheel – as well as the gem inlaid in each screw head, a 1-carat diamond, making a total of 19 diamond carats per wheel (mounted in a serticlos set, brilliant cut). Finally, it is interesting to note that it takes more than 100 hours to make each rim and that the production cycle for a full set of four rims is roughly 3 months. Naturally, the rims are delivered to the buyer with a certificate of authenticity for the gems and the famous hallmark featuring an eagle head for the gold screws.

So what does it take to put one set of these ultimate Bling on your Phat ride? Try a cool million+ USD. Price at $256,000 USD per rim, this is definitely designed for the rich and famous.

Wha!! Tha poster looked like a Student project!