something design related

I know there not much design talk going on currently in the GENERAL DESIGN DISCUSSION forum, but I thought you might enjoy this site:

cool art, cool t shirts and a clean site. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the sections will be like.

YO, I just saw and shook Lance Armstrong’s hand. We saw him ride from Calgary to the Kananaskis in the Rockies about 2 hours ago. Cancer research fund raiser. He is sponsored by Nike right? Do you design his cleats or shoes? Or planning a shoe model under his name? We saw Hincappie and Johan Brunyl his manager as well. As I was taking his picture while he was riding uphill- he told me “don’t drop that camera” and gave a big smile. Cool guy. How come he is never put at the top as the main athlete for Nike. It is always Woods or Jordan.

Nice stuff; the “You Are The One” cast poster is a well-executed blurring of 3D/2D.

this guy does some of that too, bit simpler (one-linerish?) - he’s dutch :wink:

4 lance click here:

Go to the “features” section and click “watch the ad”. I would be surprised if you hadn’t seen the comercial.He’s featured pretty heavily in Nike ads, watch much TV lately? Have you ever seen the yellow Livestrong bracelet? Bush and Kerry both wear them. That’s for Lance. 16 million sold with all the money going to cancer research. There are several shoes for him on that site. Click my link to see the shoe I did for him, the Girona.

Anywho, back to the topic at hand:

That scottpatt site is great, I bought the bunnybomb shirt. The ‘you are the one’ piece rocks, I think he is going to be doing a limited repro run of it for sale. Awesome. Shaggy, the peice you posted reminds me of a beautiful dining light I saw. Can’t seem to dig it up right now, but I think all three things point to a macro trend of ornate modernism. There was a lot of cool stuff on that site, very dutch.