Something about ideas

Saw a great artist lecture last night by Rick Berry, who has been a figure for years in underground comics, and a bit in the concept art scene, and is mostly an illustrator and figure painter currently. He also teaches a lot.

He had some fantastic thoughts on the way the brain works, and how pattern recognition across a culture plays into art and design. One of the best thoughts to me though was when he was talking about his students and how they sometimes felt that somehow they “got ripped off” when they happened to see something similar to what they had done out in the world. His response was that “Ideas are waves, you don’t have them, they have you. When you see another guy, way down the pipe riding that same idea, don’t be upset, wave at him. You both felt the same thing.”

I just thought that was a fantastic analogy, and a great way to be .

I’ve seen him give the same lecture. Fantastic analogy.