Someone help me choose!

Hi everyone,
I am looking at buying a new sofa & I came across these two sofas on this site Contemporary Furniture
I like these two, but I can’t seem to choose which one I like better, any advise?

the yellow one

the grey one

I like the grey too

I would go with grey. Being neutral it will work with different color schemes. Plus the higher back looks much more comfortable.


grey grey grey

I am just curious, you mentioned that you came across these two on a website. Have you had a chance to sit in either of these to help make your decision? Is the foam equally comfortable? Color aside, does one fabric feel more comfortable? The two seem to have different dimensions and proportions, which would suit your space better?

But then again, what do I care, it’s your cash, based on the image alone, go for the gray one. I’m digging the contrast between fabric and the chocolate finished wood, the chrome feet and the tubular steel defining the armrests.