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A man’s best friends are his ten fingers.I want to design better with both hands

not quite a haiku but keep trying

Hands are tools.

Travis Parker (pro snowboarder) took a year to learn and do everything with his other hand, he said it changed the way he looks at the world.

Because I’m now China industrial design development know very much about, I think I ask professional personage to China’s industrial design is what do you think? The hope can get advice.

I feel the industrial design, it is found that people the problems of daily life, and then use design to solve these problems. So learn industrial design, I feel usually to watch the little drops of life, to find the problem, and then use their own of knowledge and imagination to use the product to solve it.

What little drops of life interest you gaoyunze? In English we would say, “it is the little things in life”.

What problems do you see?






I am not a Chinese designer. What is question?

Well, I’d say grammar is really holding them back.