Some sketches, please critiq. And a couple of questions?

Some sketche sof mine. I just took pictures of. SOme are just from magazines but some I just looked at it from the mag and then tried to draw it, I read that its useful, I think on this board.


The car I just came up with,tried to combine the classical 1970s station wagon with a bit of a modern touch. Let me know what ya’ll think and most importantly what needs work. And a question, I know ya’ll say its important to sketch a lot. But gow much is a lot? I usually do about 2-3 hours a day but that can go up to 6-8 or down to 1, that enough? How much did ya’ll sketch when you where in grade 9 or 10?? [/img]

How old are you?

I didn’t really use the word “sketch” then. I just “draw”. How much is a lot? I always drew because I wanted to, and I wanted to draw a lot. When I was younger, I would be drawing and my mom would shut the lights to tell me to go to bed, but i still continued drawing.

How much is a lot? Too much? I don’t think there is a limit. But there is alway a “not enough”.

Drawing from observation is one thing. I drew mostly from my imagination. Of course, after which I need to train myself to focus on details and still life helped a lot.

turnin 16 in March

Best advice for anyone starting… DRAW FROM LIFE, DRAW FROM LIFE,DRAW FROM LIFE, and draw anywhere you can. Carry around a sketch book and draw while you watch tv. hang with friends, and even in school(haha just don’t get in trouble by your teachers). Keep at it :exclamation:

I would say that especially while you are beginning, look at the object that you are drawing 90% of the time and look at your hand drawing 10% of the time. The reason for this is so you see and learn the proportions… in school I had to do some blind contour drawings where you dont look at what you are drawing at all! If you draw enough from life eventually it will come naturally to draw from you imagination, becasue you know what your subject looks like…

Regardless whatever you do just keep drawing and drawing the more you do it the better you will get.