Some sketches for an ongoing project

Here are some recent concepts for an action figure I’m working on. Any input would be great. Thanks.

Cool sketches! Can you give a little background on the project or this character. Hard to give meaningful feedback without knowing a bit about it.

That being said I’m digging the middle character’s armor. I don’t know about the Oakley like shades in the top one though, they feel a little expected? Not sure if that the right word, I guess they look a little too close to current shades, but with extra ornamentation?

This kind of project is all about the story. Weave us a tale and we can give thoughts.

The project is on the next generation Battle Beast action figure. I want to promote a face to face social interaction as well as a virtual interaction for the user. The toy would stand 6 to 7 inches tall to allow for more detail. The toy will come with a USB drive that is disguised as part of the toys armor. The USB drive will be used to save information from a Battle Beast first person video game that the user logs onto on the net. The game will allow the user to play against friends that have the toy as well as people around the world who have the toy. The USB will save all the levels the user has passed as well as bonus points. When the USB is placed back onto the toy it will tell the toy to unlock lights and voices to show visually how advanced the user is in the first person video game. I hope that helps. I’ll be uploading more sketches this week to explain it a little better.

Here are some other details.

Here are some other detail shots.

Wow, I remember Battle Beasts from when I was a lil kid. Sounds like a very interesting concept. Keep us updated. :smiley:

Here is the final rendering

wow, looks fantastic. especially lit up red. Will the figurine light up? Maybe some kind of abdominal patterned armour would help give the muscular look you seem to be going for.

Really nice work, ignium.