Some Sketches Done in Alias Sketchbook Pro

hi all
here is some sketches done in sketchbook pro 2.0 with a A6 tablet


Those are nice…

I just got Sketchbook pro a month ago and I am still getting used to it…

Are those pure CAD, or did you use a hand drawn underlay?

I have been importing sketchs and rendering them…

actually i use an A6 tablet to draw the sketches.
but i do some renders as you say.

i love the rendering, i also like the way they look cartoonish…but not sure if that’s a good thing

The first one is the strongest. We use sketch book at our office, but we’ve pretty much stopped using it for the line work, I generally do a tight sketch on paper, and scan it into PS, render it by hand in sketchbook pro, then re-apply the line art on top in PS. It takes too long to get the line art right with the tablet ( it can certainly be done, just not very time effective).

I have a quick sketch I did completely in sketchbook pro, to show a friend how cool my laptop is. Nothing special, but I like it. you guys wanna see it?

@ copyboy: yes

@ original poster. Good stuff. Be carefull in choosing your perspectives. A product like that top one would normally be viewed by the consumer in an almost frontal perspective a little bit tilted down. The perspective you show it in is very dynamic, but not as informative as it could be. Also don’t let your backgrounds take control of your viewers eye. Warm colors tend to pop and dominate, while simpler cool based backgrounds pop the product. Choose you colors carefully to avoid the toylike look.

Keep up the good work!

As yo mentioned…the backrounds look like the focus of the composition. To stong. Again, the perspective needs to be more dynamic. In addition, the shadows are a little strong.

We run Sketchbook Pro at our office and I like it. I would also sugest getting your line work a little more balanced ( Bold uniform outerlines with light uniform inside lines ). Then try one color shading to show a little volume. Start slower and work up to full color and details with a new program.

@ copyboy: yes


this is the quick, ‘all sketchbook sketch’. I did it in around 3 min. just to show a girl that you can draw on the screen. It was well recieved :smiley:

obviously it’s nothing earth shattering (pretty happy with the accurate freehand ellipses though). But it shows, that Sketchbook pro is a usefull quick sketching tool, and that I’m not good enough yet to have clean lines in SBpro either HAHA!!

And this is an example of the method I use at work. Line art done the old fashioned way, then rendered on my laptop with SBpro. Then finally, re-assembled in PS to bring the line work back to the front.

hope you like…

nice cb, nice. It takes awhile to get the linework down in sketchbook, still working at it here. Optomistic has really got a beautiful style down with it.

copyboy…the sketches and renderings are sweet.

i just wanted to know what the benefits of rendering it in SB and then bringing it back into photoshop to replace the line work are. Why not just render it all in photoshop?

I’ve never used sketchbook so i’m sorry if the answer is obvious…


Thanks man.

It all comes down to personal preference. Actually, a guy in our office, enjoys using PS a little more, using the dodge and burn tools. PS seems maybe a little faster than SBpro, and the end result is very similar, just not as fun (IMO).

Both are good, I just feel cooler rocking the pen :sunglasses:


Thanks also, does optomistic have anything floating around we could check out?

I think some of his sketches in the doodling thread are done in SB

Yeah, he is good, now I remember. I hadn’t seen that thread in a while, it went off…

I need to get sketching now that I have the laptop, and add to it