Some Running Designs

Hey guys, now that I’m done with my other design work here at school, I’ve been working on some running designs lately…paying attention to details and exploring some TPU cage ideas and midsole ideas too. Questions/comments welcome.

Nice clear illustrations. A good start.

I find the designs a little to conservative however. Look a little like off the shelf unbranded product, but it could be the colors and rendering style that is throwing things off with the proportions making things also look a bit funny.

Watch your proportions. The collar height looks too high around the ankle bone, and too high in the heel compared to the top point of the collar. As well, you got a bit too much toe spring and your midsole thickness should taper more near the toebumper where the rubber wraps around over the upper (which normally also comes up a bit more. Generally the proportions arent off too much to still give a clear indication of the design intent, but im sure someone else would mention it and its pretty easy to fix. Check Yo’s great tutorial on his website and look at some other running shoes in profile and you’ll see it.

Overall though, good stuff. I encourage you to push things to the next level with a design that is more “you” and unique in a performance, functional or aesthetic manner. Especially for a portfolio piece.

Another good thing would be to post some of the process work. For a project as basic as this in your portfolio it could make all the difference for a potential employer to see how you think. Remember that more than anything an employer is looking for your potential and process is a big part of it…more so than anything that is actually “final” in your 'folio.

keep up the good work. You have a good foundation and understanding of basic footwear construction and pattern that shows through in your designs that can be tweaked to quickly advance no problem. Push it!