Some questions for US citizens working in Canada?

I’m looking at a job opportunity in Toronto right now, and I could REALLY use some insight from any Americans working in Canada now on how they went through the immigration or work permit process. I HAVE been reading the CIC site thoroughly, but these questions relate more to people’s actual experiences. If there are some of you on here reading this, could you please answer the following questions:

Did you initially get accepted under a Work Permit?

Did NAFTA allow you to forego a HRSDC labor opinion? From what I understand while reading the CIC site guidelines a position qualifying under Appendix 1603.D.1 does not require an HRSDC labor opinion.

How long did it take to get approved for your work permit? I’m going to try and put together the necessary paperwork ASAP, and I’d like to get a rough idea of time frame so I can create a time table for myself.

Were you able to extend your stay by applying for Work Permit extensions?

Did you enter the country on a Work Permit and successfully transition to being accepted for Permanent Residence? I want to make sure that I’m not miss-representing my intent with Imigration and hurting my chances for PR status if I file for Permanent Residency soon after getting a Work Permit and moving.

If you did go from Work Permit to PR status, did you find the process happening any faster because of the existing job, and continuing employment?

Thanks! Any help is greatly appericiated!