Some questions about prioritizing requirements


I’m kinda new here…I’m a graduating student in Holland with some questions about the combination between doing research with User Centered Design and prioritizing requirements by stakeholders and/or myself.

What is a “normal” way to prioritize requirements after doing the research as an interaction designer? A couple of weeks I send a MoSCoW list to some members in the company. From three employees I received a list back by e-mail. Now I have “a little issue”. My teacher says that since I have done the research I should be prioritizing the requirements for the design I have to make.

My plan is to take the 3 MoSCoW-lists by the employees and place a 1 for every Must or Should. A max. of 3 can be reached by the employees. Since I have done the “research” and in order to “listen” to the teacher my score for the MoSCoW-list is 2 for every Must or Should have. When a total score of 4 (max. 5) is reached the requirement will be implemented in the design.

The story behind this “method” is that I find it both democratic and honest in my opinion. Nobody gets higher scores except for myself since I have done the (most) important research. Because of that I need to pull the user opinions which are (most) important to the design.

I want to create some support in the company for my future design.

Can anybody tell me if this “method” is valid and if possible is it proven worthy?

Thanks for the help in advance. I’d be happy to discuss about this and if more info is needed I’d be happy to comply.

I think it all depends on the people. The same methods don’t work for everyone in every setting. Personally I find a well framed presentation delivered with conviction does more for me personally in terms of stakeholder alignment than numbers and voting.

“Design is not an act of democracy” ~ Hartmut Esslinger, founder of frog.