Some outside suggestions on the resume if you please?

Here’s a couple things that stood out right away. Your resume is way too long and has no dates of employment! You need dates for employment and education. Resumes should fit into one page. It looks like you’re using size 12, use size 10 or below for your typeface. OOPS, I finally realized where you put your dates for employment and school. Include the dates with the job title and school. It took me 4 times looking over your resume before I realized where the dates were.

If you’re not looking for an ID job, what you list under your skills should be less ID related skills and more skills related to what ever job you’re applying for. I don’t think a business job is going to care if you can do hand sketching and CAD because it’s not related to anything that they do. Crunch down explanations on what you did at each job. I don’t want to be reading that much.

For education, don’t put “attended half-tuition on presidents scholarship”. Put something like “recipient of President’s Scholarship.”

You should have at least two different types of resumes. One for ID and one for other jobs. Look at the description of the job and make sure your resume matches with what they say they’re looking for. Since you’re giving all these companies a resume that is ID centered, that’s probably why you’re not getting any calls. You have to make sure that you show that you have what they need. You also don’t need to put a link to your work samples, non ID companies won’t GAD. Also, if you do put a link, get a link that’s a lot shorter to type out.