Some opinions on CCS grads?

Could I get some opinons on the personalities and attitudes of the CCS, Art Center types vs. traditional university eduacation. It seems that the fundamentals of design that was incubated during the creation of the Industrial Design proffession in Germany has been lost. For example, the first German model for an Industrial Design education included a mandatory 2 years of technical education in engineering before formal art instruction. I am sick of working with people who never had to take a science or math class and get attitudes when they don’t understand scientifically based constraints of marketing and engineereing. Why do companies continue to hire art school only students and create an environment that is very “us vs them”?

Sure, most designers know that Art school types are dorks. Thats why they went to Art School.

Do you want opinions or do you just want to bitch.

I work with some CCS and Art Center grads who are great designers.

I went to an Art School myself, and with the exception of UC grads, find many (not all) university graduates to be very locked into how things are currently done instead of opening up to the posabilities of how they COULD be done.

No one else in the product development process looks at what the consumer needs with an open mind. If design doesn’t do it, the business oportunity is often lost. Anybody with a text book can engineer draft, or tell you about mold cycle times, or the difference between urethane resins.

I can tell you that many students in CCS( not sure about grads) don’t want to care much about the technical aspect of design for a couple of reasons:

1.) Maybe it wasn’t the focus of that perticular project.
2.) Lack of technical knowledge.
3.) They are still dreaming.
4.) They are lazy/ unwilling/ afraid to prove their ideas.
5.) They just want to design and lazy to research.

I believe this is because since the school revolves around its transportation design department, and that most of the instructors have similar background, the environment naturally incubates products that are more aesthetically oriented.

It depends on the direction you start from. I think if you start from a problem solving situation, you will deal with the technical aspect more. If you are designing from an inspiration, then you will want to try to make the inspiration visible.

I was just concerned that the majority, CCS types, are causing the roots of industrial design to be lost. Most think they are “above” drafting or the technical side of things and actually don’t realize they are cartoonists.

Perfect analogy is writers.

When a writer writes a story he doesn’t think he is “above” typing. Any self respecting writer would never produce anything less then a typed draft. What CCS and art types do is essentially propose a hand written outline (cartoon) and have china complete the story (typed final). Imagine if newspaper reporters did this…oh no!

Industrial design was “invented” by the Germans and they thought it was best to have a technical foundation first. Only an art student would POO POO that philosophy.

Everyone dreams of changing the world, no one dreams of changing themselves.

Your opinion sounds extreme. Care to site some examples?

I believe it is “cite”.

Well, let me “cite” this then. I don’t think Industrial Design was “invented” by the Germans. While it was certainly built upon there as it was in many places, you can trace its roots back to the Late 1700’s and the work of Josiah Wedgwood (1730-1792) and his Brick House Factory. It can probably be traced back further still I’m sure.

Design is an ever evolving process. Luckily there are more types of problems to be solved than there are types of designers. We should be fostering more open mindedness, not less. There is no singular way of doing things; there is more than one way to skin a cat as they say.

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I am sorry, didn’t mean to offend anyone. CCS puts out great designers, you are correct. Kind of in the same way Nike makes great shoes.

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