Some opinions about my Portfolio please

Hi guys,

I am currently working on my portfolio that I would like to use for my applications for an internship.
I currently have 3 projects in it, but would like to add one more (there is already a preview of it in my current portfolio). Before I continue with it, I would like to get some feedback and opinions from you guys. I am kind of struggling with the way to show my process of the projects without turning it into a report. My idea is to have two bigger projects and two smaller projects. I personally like the look of the last two (smaller) projects as they give a quick overview and are somewhat more like a teaser.

I was wondering if my first project and its process is a bit too much in comparison with the two last projects? And should I try to put my first project in the same kind of brief overview(s)?
Or are the last two projects maybe a bit too briefly?

My portfolio (9MB .pdf file)

I would like to hear your opinions about this or any other suggestions/feedback are also welcome of course.

Thanks, Michel

I think the presentation needs some work. Try to tell a convincing and easy to follow story with each project. Mind you, the drawings and renderings look good.

Team Up seems to have the most pages yet isn’t very clear. Even the premise is extremely vague (I guess there’s not much you can do about that though).

First, in the research section, the first two images aren’t really linked to each other and don’t really add anything. I’d put a subtitle with process, explain a bit and put the drawings from the bottom of the page there. Then, another subtitle for the focus groups/market research with a graphic showing what they want/struggle with when making tea rather than one of the question as it’s not obvious what the bar graph represents.

Next, in the ideation, there’s a bunch of tiny drawing bunched up together, even zoomed in it’s hard to follow what’s going on. There’s also cropped and have a tittle on top. I’d maybe show some of the better ideas there larger and easily digestible. Similar thing is going on with the 3 nominated designs, they’re cropped and faded so we can’t make out what they were.

For the development of the final design, I’d suggest separating the images by text to make it easier to follow. Maybe start with the inspiration, mind you, the relation between the Vespa and your design isn’t all that obvious. Next maybe a step by step of how you’d use the machine, then drawings and then your hero shots on the next page. It also wasn’t clear to me how the water was cooled, it also seems a bit dangerous to be dripping boiling water from what seems to be 20cm and it also makes the whole machine very large.

You need to develop your Back to Basics project more or take it out.

Your Airflow project looks good, everything seems to be there. I’d prefer text in between the block of images to make a clearer story but it’s ok the way it is.

Knappe Kop is awesome. Actually, I really want one :smiley: I think it could have way more development. Off the top of my head, I always break my cups at the handle so that wouldn’t be a problem with your design. Also you can easily stack them neatly which is a problem with standard cups. Standard cups exert a huge torque on your wrist, with the cup closer to the centre of mass, you solve the problem. I’d develop it more and put it higher in your portfolio.

I think you have some good work, the presentation just needs a bit tidying up in my opinion. Also, watch out, there were a few grammatical errors.

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions Louis, I appreciate it. I will work on the process part of the Team Up project with your feedback in mind. I’m glad you liked the Knappe Kop :slight_smile: