Some of My Sketches

Hi everyone, I’m 15 and want to be an industrial designer one day. Here’s some of the stuff I’ve done, constructive criticism please[/img]

I need to work on the circles…

Some better sketches… tips please…

i think what might really help you in your sketching, as it has helped me, is to just take more time on each sketch; on each line even. like a practice swing in golf, make a couple of practice strokes just to help you visualize where you are going with your pen and what kind of line you want to make. when you see that line, try and make a faster stroke rather than a slow one, as that will lend to giving your lines a bit of a squiggly and unstable feel. it may seem tedious and time consuming, but just relax, take plenty of time, use plenty of paper, and enjoy making very clean, almost spot-on perspective lines. yes you need to practice a shit load, but if you keep practicing with squiggly lines and out of perspective sketches, nothing will improve. in fact, it will probably be harder further down the road to break those habits.

so my main advice is to slow down, take your time, and enjoy making clean, in perspective lines. reward and notice the good sketches you make, rather than noticing every little out of perspective or squiggly line you make; that will definitely just piss you off, as it used to do to me haha :slight_smile:

i also forgot to add that when you make your strokes don’t try and stop right at the intersection of other lines: draw past them. personally i love seeing nice, clean, expressive strokes that have a personality to them. the point is to be loose when you sketch, so enjoy running right past that corner of the cube your making. also, when you do your initial line work, barely touch the paper with your pen, pencil, marker, etc.

hope that helps. if you want i can upload some sketches ive done using this technique and show you some before sketches to see how much it helps lol! :slight_smile:

also, practice the laws of perspective. draw cubes with different vanishing points, horizon lines, etc, until it starts ‘looking’ right. an awesome sketch will look off with wrong perspective, but a crappy drawing with good perspecive can always look decent.

If you can that would help. Thanks :smiley:

i think I’ve got perspective down for the basic shapes (cubes, rectangles…) but I’m practicing to do them without using a ruler, so that’s why they’re off… Right now I’m using a full page, should I go smaller so that it’s easier?

Yo, a moderator here, has lots of good sketching demos. I would check those out.

I would also recommend - it’s an up and coming web site, but already has tons of awesome tutorials - maybe the best site for pure sketching practice and technique IMO.

I would suggest that you start by practicing basic geometric shapes in correct perspective, then moving on. The nice thing about idsketching is that they have basic, intermediate, and advanced sketch tutorials, so you can practice things in the right order.

yea definitely go check out for sure. me just scanning my work will kind of show you, but watching some of those videos will fully explain what we’re talking about.

this video is great for you to see what we’re talking about. even though he’s using digital media, the same principle applies to your pen or pencil

when i watch this more you see him go over the line a few times but has the option to erase it. you don’t really have that option, thus giving more emphasis to practice first the line you want to make and where it’s gonna go before you actually make that line. like the practice golf swing analogy i used earlier :slight_smile:

Cool, I’ll watch thoses.


Some new stuff…

New stuff… my scanner broke after these…

New stuff…

I agree with all of the above. You need to get the basics down before you move to the more complicated shapes. Practice drawing lines, circles, ellipses and cubes. Get your prospective right and then you could move on to more complicated shapes. Once you understand the basic everything else will come easy. Keep going, ever bit of practice helps. :laughing:

Some different views of the remotes I did earlier

Any comments?..

I think you need to work on your basic skething skills. Check out this powerpoint and learn. Keep posting

This is a great PPT. I agree that you need to work on the basics before moving on. Like the saying goes “you have to crawl before you walk.” Work with this PPT and you will learn a lot.

Great PPT