some new ones

City Knife 3: update to the current line, the 3 folds tighter, has more cusioning for all day use, and comes with a travel case for easy stowage in your carry on. Women’s sizes only at small boutiques in October.

Baretta: opent top version of the CK3

Rio: sand tracks outsole unit based on studies of animals that walk efficiently in sand. Available in South America only.

Very nice YO!

Will there be a vegetarian version?

Thanks man, a vegi version of the city knife 3 for sure, the sandal is synthetic, it’s oil friendly, but the Girona is all cows and pigs man.

Yo, great work, for the sandal, how how many outsole patterns did you try til you got the final design, I would love to see development sketches and ideas of how you arrived to these. also what inspired you for these two developments??

great work.

why did you choose the material that you did, was it soemthing that came up in development, or did you decide these materials in the initial sketches??

more questions…going to relpy later, gotta finish wrk.


Thanks man.


The outsole was based on two years of research out of one of our advanced design groups. The designed and tested functional mockups over and over. Once the ‘sandtracks’ system was proven I took it and actually designed it to fit both a certain look, be manufacturable, and durable. The grey material is phylite (foam and rubber mixture that is then injected) and the orange is injected rubber. The upper materials are pretty crucial, the blue is a non stretch micro perf synthetic locking you into the footbed, and the wilte is a super stretchy ruberized synthetic alloing for some dynamic fit. The footbed is completely smooth and radiused, allowing sand to roll off and not get trapped under the foot.

The Cityknife 3 is a fairly high pricepoint to be sold in boutiques it’s first season, so calf skin was a natural (the copper is a metalicized sythetic)

Same with the Girona. At like $130, most people want real leather.

I’ll try to post some process pics in the next few days.

is this your first sandal?? how do you like the design process of the sandal versus a cememnted shoe closed toe? I like the sandal really am interested in the top and its construction.

never designed a sandal myself, i look at it like creating a outsole with straps…I know thats not really what it is exactly…but I just wonder how it would be verus the other…

I would love to see the sketches,


That actually was my first sandal. I’ll try to dig up some sketches and early samples. It took a lot of models, samples and upper designs to get it right.

Here are some of the process sketches and models on that sandal:

I had the research based on sand traction, and some rough breadboards, from there I explored how this thing should look, fit, and be manufactured for a specific target price. This is a small sampling of the sketches that where done.

Construction, The midsole is Phylite, a nike pattented mixture of EVA foam (softness) and rubber (Durability) that can be injection molded. The fin pods are injected rubber and they are stock fit (cemented). The two upper elements are stock fit as well, the microperf synthetic is lined with silkspan.

Thanks Yo for the post, I am going to explore your sketches tomorrow, its almost 3 am and gotta get up in 4hrs, so I am officaily exhausted and shoe drawn out…yeah class all day tomorrow.

Liked what I saw, have some questions…will be responding soon.