some musings about soft drinks.

So here’s a couple things that i am confused about.

  1. what is the difference between coke zero and diet coke? :confused: arent they both zero calorie versions of coke? is it a difference in sweeteners? and if thats the only difference isnt it kind of overlapping of products? or do they perhaps intend on dropping one or the other based on performance.

  2. I am constantly wondering why there is no “in-between” version of these soft drinks. why does it have to be the calorie and sugar laden ‘regular’ and the flat, gross artificially sweetened, brain confusing zero calorie versions? :angry: wheres the in between? i heard that sprite was coming out with sprite light or something that was supposed to have like 50 cal per serving, it was supposed to be test marketed this summer i thought.

I was at the gorcery store last night and looking at alot of the ‘lowfat’ or ‘light’ offerings in other products and none of them were all or nothings like soft drinks. The lite version would have about 20% less calories than the regular, and on most of these products the difference in taste is virtually non-existant. Would this perhaps have something to do with the beverage companies having stake in the artificial sweeteners? i have no knowledge of that sector so maybe its a business reason. or is there just no market for a 50-70 calorie per serving pop instead of 110-130???

heres the link to the press release for the 50cal/serving sprite green, with truvia, a natural sweetner, sugar alternative.