Some help with my Major Project please

Hi all,

I am trying to do some research and need to access a certain demographic of people. For my major project I am investigating the impact technology is having on the development of social skills in young people between the ages of 8 and 12.

I unfortunately don’t know any young people in that age group or parents of people that fit that demographic.

If any of you fit the bill of parent, guardian or carer of a child between the ages of 8 and 12, or just a bit older could you please take a few minutes to answer my questionaire:

Any discussion on the impact you feel technology is having on young people would be good too. What are your thoughts? Is technology good for us or are we getting more and more lazy and less mentally capable of completing tasks because we are starting to use technology to do things for us?
Thanks for your help

It’s difficult to find this demographic on the web for safety reasons. I’d contact a local grade school and see if they might not let you come in and do the survey in exchange for giving a short talk on design school.

Ya the whole issue of security and safety is a real obstacle when it comes to collecting a good survey size on this issue.

Good suggestion though with the school thing. I have an enhanced disclosure so maybe that will help.