some furniture works from Chinese students

Hi all,

I opened this thread for posting some students’ works from China.

I’m a Chinese interior designer working in Sydney. Recently seeing some of the product designing works(most are furniture items)done by students from colleges in China. I knew I need to show them to more of the people just simply because those young talents deserved.

Any comments are welcomed and I’ll translate then forward them to the designer.Now let’s start listening the young voices from the ancient land.

Project:Guanshan(Watching Mountain)
Designer:Liu Xin

640 (4).jpg
640 (5).jpg
640 (3).jpg

Project: GiliI(Miles)
Designer:Sun Mei


Project: Slow Slow Tune
Designer: Guo Chen

640 (6).jpg
640 (7).jpg
640 (8).jpg

Project: Yofin
Designer: Tan Zhengrong , Zhang Mengying

640 (9).jpg
640 (10).jpg
640 (11).jpg

Project: Jin Bi Hui Yin(Golden Glory)
Designer: Tan Chen , Li Xueqiang

640 (13).jpg
640 (14).jpg

Project: Shan,Jian,Yue (Mountain, Creek, Moon)
Designer:Tao Yongxiang

640 (15).jpg

640 (17).jpg

Project: Shan Qu(Curve)
Designer: Zhu Yu, Zhu Yun

640 (20).jpg
640 (18).jpg
640 (19).jpg

Project: Gao Shan Liu Shui(Mountains& Rivers)
Designer:Li Pengli, Chen Dongyi

640 (21).jpg
640 (22).jpg
640 (23).jpg

Some very nice furniture here, a nice mix of traditional and very modern pieces.
I particularly like the low table in your last post! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing.

Agreed, that last one is very nice!

I agree. I like the decorations and the furniture. I find them very creative and the colors are very attractive.

I particulary liked:
Project: Shan,Jian,Yue (Mountain, Creek, Moon)
Designer:Tao Yongxiang
(Puerto Rico)