Some footwear sketches

I’ve been registered with the forum for ages now, but have only replied to a few threads.

Anyhow, I’ve recently been sketching up some footwear concepts, so thought I’d share them with you guys to get your thoughts and feedback.

The sketches are basically styling development based around a flip flop type shoe, into which I’m adding a design feature to increase the shoe’s function. A bit vague I know, but I’m hoping to approach one of my employer’s clients with the concept when I’ve done some more development.

Look forward to your thoughts.

hi…maybe few more space between the concepts would help to get a clearer lecture of them.

also i think the line art placed near left-down corner (the sketch without shadow and color), could be more “readable” if you change it to another position in your layout … i feel is loosing “its potential” …

thanks for share it.

Nice sketch style. One thing that is so important in footwear is to do some competitive research. Summer footwear tends to break into several distinct categories of product, and if your concept is a “tweener” it usually won’t sell. People are particular about their sandals.

  1. Sport Slide: Nike, Adidas, et al. Simple slab of injected EVA with a single strap
  2. Skate Flip Flop: Quicksilver, thicker strap, sneaker like in its detailing, molded bottom
  3. Surf Flip Flop: slim strap, cut and buff eva bottom, straps usually come rearward more, see Quicksilver, Rainbows, Roxy
  4. Ergo/Eco: Birkenstocks
  5. Disposable beach flip flops: Havaianas

Hi all, thanks for your comments.

Regarding the un-rendered sketch, this will get rendered in time, so should sit better with the rest!

Yo, these were very initial sketches, so will get some research done during the development. I have made a prototype of the concept, and based on this will be re-positioning the shoe(?) towards a “watersport enthusiast” market, rather than it being a generic flip-flop type shoe. This will have an effect on it’s styling and which competitor’s products to evaluate it against.

I’ll get my research and restyle sketches posted soon.