Some feedback please

Hello fellow designers,

I graduated 4 years ago from OCADU in Canada, and long story short, I’ve had to put the design world on the backburner due to personal circumstances, but I want to continue it and I would like to know what you think. My desire lies in getting into consumer electronics, healthcare, or the mobile design industries here in Canada.

Thank you very much.

First off, you need to redesign your website!
I couldn’t find your full name in the about section and have no idea what to call you. What does “AFong” stand for?
Find a way to present your work without Google ads in your portfolio. Huge distraction.

The way you show your projects is quite confusing. The images are small. I get that you can click on them and they get bigger but nobody will do this in this day and age.
The cyberman is interesting but needs a lot more meat in the form of process and research to the project and some renders that shows the full product in isometric view. I have to piece together what it looks like from the different cropped views.

Needl is your nicest looking project for sure but I saw it was a group project. It’s tricky with those. Especially because it looks like it has a lot more quality and complexity to it than the other projects on the site.
I’d shoot for bringing the others up to this level.

EDIT: Found your name! It was off to the left. I’d still make sure to include it into the “about” section.

I appreciate the feedback, thank you!

I’ll have to take it down and see what I could do with it.

Thanks again!

There’s nothing on there…

I’d consider maybe doing a squarespace website or coroflot profile.

You just need somewhere to link people to images with captions.

I’m rebuilding my site, though I wish I could post the PDF at least. I found an interesting portfolio site called, anyone use it?

Haven’t really dug deep into Portfoliobox but from the looks of it, there are better alternatives. See your other thread with some suggestions.