some Dark Humor here

In a recent letter home, a reservist with the 124th Infantry Regiment of the Florida National Guard told friends and family that violent days had become strangely ordinary. In the past week he and his buddies had faced RPG and mortar attacks, “even a car bomb in the area.” But that was unexceptional: “It has been just another set of days going by. Most of us don’t know what day it is anymore, the concept of a ‘workweek’ and a ‘weekend’ are as foreign to us as the Moon.” The soldier then proudly told how his unit had uncovered “a large weapons cache” in the town of Ar Ramadi, adding parenthetically “(still no WMD, sorry).” Irony turned to cynicism: “On the subject of WMD, we once did a raid on a place where we heard they may have been storing ‘mustard gas,’ [and] being the patriots that we are and always out to prove our Commander in Chief’s allegations, we geared up in our chemical suits and stormed the place. It turned out to be a restaurant … but they did have mustard, and some guy there had gas.”