Some Critiquing please...

Hey guys,
My portfolio has been doing the rounds a little bit, but i would love to hear what you think. Other critiques on here have seemed very constructive.

Reason being as of next week I am moving from Ireland to Chicago with an Internship visa for a year. There are no design jobs in Ireland, had a freelance project for a few months (since graduating last year) which was good, apart from that there haven’t even been jobs to apply for. Irish people don’t know what product design is, we’re a bit behind.

Chicago seems like the place to be so I figure its a good leap of faith to make, better now than never and all that. I just plan on working my ass off when I get there to find a position. Im willing to work for free after all.

Anyway let me know what you guys think. Also if you have any tips on finding something when i get there. Is it cool to just visit a consultancy without appointment and ask to speak to somebody?

Cheers :smiley:

Maybe it is my browser, IE, but I can’t view your portfolio.

Welcome to Chicago, it is a fine city. I have nothing for you, but there are a lot of consultancies and most will take on freelance help. As for just showing up, I know I did that when I was young and starting out. Different buildings have different levels of security, but usually you can get in anywhere during business hours. You will initially only talk with the receptionist. But I’ll assume you will have an Irish accent and will be able to sweet talk your way into getting contact info for the hiring manager. Good luck.

hey iab, thanks for letting me know, although I have had people link to it from here. I fiddled with it a bit and I think it works now, either of the above should get you there. You should know better than to rely on a windows program!

Thanks for the welcome, I cant wait to get there now. I have been given some contacts alright at some consultancies. Ill try some in house also if i can find them, I know about motorolla. Ya ill lay on the accent thick, got genuine red hair too so we’ll see how it goes.

How is the health of the design industry in chicago generally? are places still hiring as much as usual or are there lots of cutbacks.

first impressions i quickly skimmed through it.

Is this one you mail out or take to an interview?

I ask this because if your mailing this its too long. Said this on another post if your just trying to get attention that first image is a fantastic example, have that on a page with some sketching and other bits n bobs and repeat per project.

Looking at it from the perspective as a larger folio I didnt realise that was your front page, i thought it was the beginning of a project, i see a table then all of a sudden your talking about vacuum cleaners. I didn’nt like how there was no real break between each project. If this is your talking through at interviews folio then make more of an empahsis on the break between projects. The text down the bottoms also gets lost, It didn’t feel that sharp and chrisp. Also if I remember correctly you have used times new roman for your cv font, not cool.

Generally needs alot of polishing up its all very random lots of white space etc…, but you’ve taken the first step getting it up here, and best of luck with the hunt its very daunting!

  • on a side note that Issou thing is horrible, i had to zoom in and out constantly, very annoying and im not sure why everyone is using it. Pop it on a PDF.

hey scetchme,
i see what you mean about dividing the projects, i’ll get on it.

i had a smaller ‘teaser’ type folio. every time i sent it off people wanted to see more of my design thinking and theory so I expanded it.

What is it with times new roman? is it just that its the default font on word, designers consider it lazy. i did choose it i like how it reads like a newspaper

yup thats the whole point of a teaser portfolio to get the respondent to want to see more, some may disagree but I personally recommend a teaser folio as a first pont of contact. Its obviously worked for you in the past so I would keep sending it. If they ask to see more again, suggest a meet face to face and then take your big job to explain your process and design thinking.

Times new roman thing, maybe its just personal but I cringe when i see it. Firstly I dont like how it looks, it looks very stale and old and more importantly not designery and secondly yes its the default on word I consider it to be lazy and lack of attention to detail.

Also the newspaper reference. . Newspapers are boring you never pick out a newspaper because it looks cool, or atleast I dont. You dont want your CV to be boring you want, like your portfolio to pop out and be remembered, for the good things. Even a font such as arial, myriad or helvetia.

I was able to view the portfolio at home last night, too many filters at work. I’d like to see more sketches. Every finished product requires hundreds if not thousands of ideas. I’d like to see more of those ideas communicated, even the “stupid” ones.

As you would suspect, design in Chicago is not doing great but I don’t think we are as bad off as the coasts. We did not boom as much so our bust is not as extreme.

ok so I have made changes to the portfolio.

-more sketches
-categorized the projects with colour
-condensed it a little
-no “lazy fonts” of any kind

Sorry about the delay but what with moving to Chicago and all! Its amazing by the way i love it so far.

anyway the link at the start of this thread should still get you there, i kept the same url, it seems to work.