Some car sketches, please critiq.

The last one aint finished yet, Ima finish it tomorrow. They’re kinda wack, help me get better.


Keep practicing. Draw, draw, draw. Right now, your perspectives is off and watchout for proportions.

Youre doing pretty good, just watch those Proprotions! i recomend buying allot of car magazines, and flooding your brain with photo reinforcement. They help allot, and are great for reference. Maybe experement with some Prisma color markers too, they are relativley cheap, and bring a whole new level to car sketches. Look at the sketching link, great stuff to look at there.

Start by tracing. Every good artist starts with imitation, it will teach you how to make correct perspective and proportions. It will also bring your attention to all of the small details on vehicles that one doesn’t normally notice.

Other than that, it’s just alot of hard work. Keep it up!

Thanks for all the feedback yall!

nice to see that you aren’t chicken-scratching all over (i have that problem)… keep your confidence up!

Best thing to do in my opinion, Find sketches which you like- and copy them or copy things you like about them. Start keeping a “bible” of sketches you like and use it as a reference when you need to do a rim for instance, or a mirror, or shadows…

good suggestion. tracing works well. over photos or other designers drawings.

also helps to learn to draw upside down. keeps the perspective correct since your brain sees what is really there instead of how you think it looks. rotate your page around, and also flip the page over to draw on the back. go back and forth and your perspective will improve lots.

look at your drawing upside down below, and you’ll see how much more “off” it looks than right side up.

keep at it.