some architectural based sketches...from me

been working on my website and trying to get into a exhibit firm or a multi-skilled arch firm… i dug up some sketches and line dwgs i did back in the later 90’s… hopefully they dont look tooo outdated… but trying to push these to help land a job… along with the rest of the stuff i do…

i’ve been looking into practicing more of a product design style of rendering with photoshop and sketches…but still trying to figure out the tricks/etc

let me know what you think…


i love the front perspective of the building goes, thanks for sharing those drawings.


trying to open up a little bit and seek some presentation styles…

i’m alot faster with a sharpie and straight edge than with cad…

and those images were either sharpie on paper and the building was ink on mylar…


Normally backgrounds are used to tighten up a sketch, but since by nature these sketches are a little tighter, I suggest using the background to inject some more life into them.

Background ideas:

Shapes other than squares?
A nice colored gradient towards the center, fading to white near the edges?
Broad photoshop brush strokes giving subtle environmental cues?

You can get some nice background/presentation ideas from Coroflot. Lots of nice simple but energetic stuff to be found there.

Cool stuff!

Wow. Those drawings are pleasant to look at. I agree about the background and how you could spruce it up, however considering how technical these drawings are, I personally think the backgrounds are a very elegant solution. Camzaman makes great points and I’d be interested to see where you take these!

thanks for the tips… i forgot about this thread…heheh

i’ve been messing with photoshop a bit and looking at some of the tutorials for making some hottness ideas look good…