SOMA - Tingle your somaticsensory system.

Hello everyone! I have been busy at work in finishing my latest design, called Soma.

You may remember my previous project: SAMSUNG LAVENDER CONCEPT PHONE

I was surprised by the good reaction it got, so was eager to produce something more unique than before. I started working on this around November. I won’t talk anymore as the design has everything I want to say. Please take a look and comment if you have any thoughts. Thanks.

Personal Info:
Name - Andrew Seunghyun Kim
Age - 17
Contact - designfabulous[at]

Nice concept. It seems as if you should create an animation for it. I’d love to see the UI in motion.

May consider changing the product name though?

In the US, we have a drug called ‘Soma’, a muscle relaxer…
but then again, in the US we have a drug for everything, soon enough all the names will be taken

Interesting, well thought out, and normally I don’t comment on electronic gadgets threads,etc

I like the idea of the different backs. I fidget all the time with my MP3 player, I’d love for it to have an interesting tactile feel. Even better if they’re interchangeable.

It looks like the bottom screen is recessed. About how far back would this be?

Thanks for the replies. acidmonkey, the bottom screen is recessed, about 5mm I suppose.

electronics is spelled wrong in one of the top layouts

OT: Soma was also the name of the all-purpose happy drug in Brave New World. I’ve also seen it used as a nickname for MDMA (Ecstasy). I’m surprised a pharma company would use it for an actual product.

aesthetically, it looks nice. great renders as well.

One concern (and it is really nitpicking) is the statement ‘who said vinyls arent portable?’ Believe me, if you make that statement to a vinyl audiophile, you have just committed a cardinal sin. I know that you are only linking vinyl to the UI, but being that it is a music player I automatically linked the audio side of vinyl to the player. My first thought was, ‘no way in hell can you have a digital replication of vinyl, it defeats the entire purpose.’

Also, what is the purpose of the speaker? I am just curious if it serves any purpose here? I am around people all the time on the train listening to their music through a small tinny speaker, and it makes me (and others on the train) to absolutely despise the device.

Lastly, is the LCD always on to display lyrics? How is it getting the information? accessing a database? What sort of battery life would you expect out of a device that is consistently using such a large LCD, as well as vibrating?

Thanks for the reply! First of all, I would agree that digital audio is far less superior than analog, but I guess I wanted to say that “analog” concept for the UI has been carried throughout the device.

The speakers are just there because everyone I have met prefers to have a speaker for some reason. I am a huge music lover and would never use those speakers but it’s what the consumers want, so what can I say. ^^

Yes, the LCD would be on to display the lyrics. The lyrics would be from the id3 tags on the music file, like all mp3 players. I felt that this feature would be a fun to use of with friends so I don’t think it would be something that is meant to be used over long periods.

Sort of off topic, but isn’t 16 a couple years shy of college?

No doubt your ready just curious.

Also are those 3d renderings or illustrator or a little of both?

erastusboy, I’m currently 17 now. Also, it was rendered in Photoshop CS4. I put a little icon at the end but I don’t think it was clear. Thanks for commenting!

Yeah, I had no clue what the logos were in the bottom corner. I saw it, and thought maybe it would involve those programs somehow? Then I just said ‘I dont get it’ aznd moved on. I would suggest removing the logos, or clearly stating what was used.

Ok, thanks. I’ll see what I can do next time.

Not bad, I see you have a strength in glossy objects!
I like the idea but then again there are a few things that are subject to a problem:

First there is the depth of the menu module that is falsely represented compared to the side view. For clarification, the menu module seems to be deep in your front view but the side view shows that your player is thin.

What about transportation? the shape of your player is interesting and really pleasant to the eye. Although I think ergonomics were a factor of decision on the shape, there are 2 problems that it creates.
1- Transportability: nowadays we have many electronics tangling in our pockets and a special shape could cause either damage to the player or would be too encumbering.
2- Lefties/Righties: If you look at the electronic devices today, most of them are symmetrical. It is not always and aesthetic choice, and is mostly a solution to not discomfort either left or right handed people.

In summary, I love the design, but I would hardly see it in production. Keep up the cool presentations and beautiful cue elements.