SoloC First Portfolio

I did this last semester which is a good experience to look at my previous projects. I can see I am lacking the human scale or the interaction illustration. What other opinion do you have about my portfolio. I want to redo them to make it easier to read and more concentrated. Also what do you think about the resolution of the projects? I hope to improve my process also.

I don’t know why issuu messed up the text on the .pdf file. I will look into it some time later.

First, good that you show your portfolio.
I am sure you will get some good critique here.

Now to you folio.
I pretty sure it is deliberate but I would change the “crazy” kerning in your logo-ish name text that you have on your title page. It comes of as a trying too hard.
Just keep it simple.

Get a native speaker to proof read your portfolio. I haven’t read it all but at first glance I found: “A sport watch that help keep track of your goal.” This needs rephrasing. Maybe " A sport watch which helps to keep track of your goals"?

Your renderings look mostly ok, but maybe you could re-render a few? It seems like your skill set got better and better and maybe an early project could use an little overhaul?

Your projects are not bad but I wish there were some nice context shot. Your model plus a person using it. That always helps to sell your design.

Alright, good luck!

i echo bepsters comments, but one thing that I DO like is how nice and big your images and text are. A lot of folios have very crowded pages, but yours are mostly quite simple, which is nice :slight_smile: . If you can lock down the graphic design and make it more cohesive it would be even better.

Keep at it!

Thanks for the comments. I will work on it.


When I looked at your portfolio for the first time, I thought the projects were interesting, but it was lacking in layout and unity. There needs to be something on each page that tells us we are looking at the same person or even the same projects. Some unifying border, logo, colors or text that is the same on every page would help to keep things together. The way you have laid out your projects, ie the pet dryer, is different on every page, and it makes me think I’m looking at different projects.

I think the sketch page is good, you have some good hierarchy going on. I think some of these pages could be condensed down a bit and combined. A good tip would be to look at some of the portfolios on coroflot to get a better feel for the competitions and how they are presenting their work.


Erik, thanks for the advice.

I’m still learning how to balance id work and life. Summer school have a couple weeks left. Hopefully I will put up something better before Fall start. Time to move to a new place too. So much pressure!