I’m always looking to broaden my solidworks skills, and a big resource is online tutorials. There’s one site however that really annoys me.

Is it just me or does this website ADVERTISE great content? The bummer part is that (from what I can see) it’s entirely fake. The whole site is just an ad-click spam site from what I can tell. The fact that someone would go to the extensive effort of creating a fake tutorial site is beyond me, especially for such a niche market. There appears to be very legitimate web architecture here, but whenever I navigate to a tutorial page, there are no links for that tutorial, only referral links for other tutorials (which also don’t exist) and a ton of ad-clicks.

They even go to the effort of telling you what the rating of each tutorial is, what software you’ll need to view it, and how many times the tutorial has been viewed. The thing that tipped me off is that this counter changes every time you refresh the page.

What a tease.

I ran into this exact site the other day . . . I also see no reason at all why anyone made it but it is darned annoying!