SolidWorks to Pro-E


Looking for some advice, I just took a new job after 11mo. unemployed/freelance and have over 10 years experience in SolidWorks (which served me well). Well, this new company will now train me on Pro-E. Any advice on techiques, tips, websites, tutorials to get up to speed quickly? Any pitfalls coming from SW?

Thanks in advance!

Pro/E is very similar to Solidworks, if you have 10 years on Solidworks you will be beyond fine.

Sketches, parts, assemblies, drawings, extrudes, sweeps, lofts, etc…
Some things might be called differently but they are both parametric history-based solid modeling packages.

In my experience, Pro/E is more annoying user interface wise, and just not as fun as Solidworks. But uh. If you can get past that, Pro/E is actually a more powerful program (depending on which modules the company has)

Thanks Kevin, based on the number of responses I’ll assume everyone is in agreement with you. Whew, one less thing to stress about! Can anyone comment on Pro-E being more powerful? I keep hearing this comparison between the two programs. Thx.

Oh where to begin…

Doesn’t crash when you try to do simple tasks, handles very large assemblies with ease, works faster… You get the idea.