SolidWorks to ArtiosCAD

Does anyone work with ArtiosCAD?

I’ve got a packaging project, and I have a contact who has a Kongsberg cutter who is doing me a favour and has requested a dimensioned drawing.

On the Esko/ Kongsberg/ ArtiosCAD website it says you can import a SolidWorks file straight into ArtiosCAD.
I’ve done the package as SolidWorks sheet metal, so the part has thickness (e-flute 1.8mm).

Is this as easy as it sounds (import a *.sldprt file)? or does it need to be a dimensioned drawing file? Or is an Illustrator file the best way?


Yes, I would import it as an illustrator file. Once it’s in Artios, they can convert lines to cuts and change the characteristics of the lines (cuts/skipcut/creases, etc.). I would supply a dimensioned pdf in addition to the illustrator/eps file.

The solidworks import missed some features, so a dimensioned drawing ended up being the easiest way.

The kongsburg cutter is pretty awesome, pity it’s so expensive.

Yes, I love that cutter. It is a workhorse but it’s too bad they have monopoly on that niche. I couldn’t believe how expensive those tables are but then again, there’s really nothing out there that’s comparable.