any info/tutorials/advice/standards on modeling threads and mating threads on the cap?

Use the Solidworks Customer Portal. Hundreds of threads about every aspect of Solidworks. If you have a licensed copy of solidworks, you get access to it. If not, you’re out of luck.

Seems to be mostly about “cosmetic threads”
What’s the difference?

Are you seeing this screen?

anyone know how to make 2008 look and work like 2007. 2008 is killing me with all the new icons replacing text, silly colours, and weird right click features…



You can turn off all the pop up icons. It can be set up to use the traditional pop up words.

From the SW Help Menu, it is a powerful tool

To turn the display of context toolbars on or off:

Open a part, assembly, or drawing document.

Click Tools, Customize, or right-click at the top or bottom of the window and select Customize.

On the Toolbars tab, set the Context toolbar settings:

Show on selection

Context toolbar displays when a selection is made.

Show in shortcut menu
Context toolbar displays when you right click to display a shortcut menu.

Both settings cleared
Context toolbar does not display. Commands from the toolbar are listed in the shortcut menu.

Click OK.


re-install SW2007, patiently wait for SW2009 and cross your fingers :laughing:

I can’t be the only one waiting for better importing tools from Illustrator. And better print quality out of Drawings…


re-install SW2007, patiently wait for SW2009 and cross your fingers > :laughing:

Don’t be a hater like house of Pain. :open_mouth:

Wait… do you mean screw type threads? Check out McMaster-Carr

Check under Machine Screws and you can download a Solidworks model of them. Roll back the feature tree and see how it was modeled.

Cosmetic threads are exactly as it sounds. Its an image overlayed on a cylinder to make it look like its threaded.