Solidworks Summer Classes?

Maybe I’m retarded, but I cannot seem to find the answer to this question on Google. Could anyone here point me in the direction of a few Colleges offering Summer classes for Solidworks, in the NYC area? It doesn’t need to be in the city, Long Island, or any of the surrounding areas would be ok. Links would be much appreciated.

try here:

I’m fairly certain that schools such as ITT Tech have courses in general Solidworks modeling, might want to check there. I took one when i was in High School and it helped considerably.

What are you specifically looking to learn?

Product modeling type stuff. I’m a designer, but I learned Alias in school. I’m looking for work now, so it’s time to learn Solidworks.

I would be careful learning solidworks from a community college or large institution you will end up teaching the class.

Consider taking a SW instructor lead class from someone who has ID and surfacing skills from a ‘capture and proving form’ techniques based workshop. Chicago might be slow in comparison but the school is still within the urban downtown setting with everyone walking everywhere.

Depending on what you can afford, you might get more out of professional training. Companies that offer 3 or 4 day intensive courses in Solidworks will give you a much better bang for your buck when compared to a college course.

Here is one company that offers different courses depending on what you need.

You may be in product design, but ya have to start with the ground level in the program and build up from there. Also the professional course give you a book with the class rather than a college course taught 3 hours a week.