Solidworks student edition

Hi everyone, for anyone who has solidworks 2007 is there a way of turning off the ‘Solidworks Student License Academic Use Only’ watermark you get when you print out a drawing?

thanks :smiley:

I use SW 07 with an academic license but I never get a watermark on my drawings.

What I do is print them to a PDF with a pdf creator.

Maybe you can try to scale them in a way that the watermark doesn’t overlap your drawing, like printing to A3 but only part of the drawing filling the paper?

Ah right ok thanks for letting me know. Thats great. I’ll have a look at doing it on PDF.

Sorry for the bump, but I have a related question:

Does the SolidWorks 2010/11 Student License have watermarks on the Photoview Renderings? I just want to make sure because I might purchase it before I graduate, but if the renderings have watermarks and can’t go in a portfolio, I won’t bother.


Sorry, I don’t have the answer to your question, but I was hoping someone could tell me if I can use the Solidworks Educational Edition on a Mac on the Windows partition?

I was thinking of buying it so that I can learn the software, but I have a Macbook Pro with Windows.

yes, anything you can do with windows on a pc you can do with windows on a mac.

Thank you, Tarngerine. I never knew that. As part of our program. we are issued Mac laptops at school and they have a windows partition with PC software already installed on them (for programs that are pc-based, such as AutoCad, which doesn’t run on the Mac side), but I never thought much of the Bootcamp or knew what it was for until recently. Now I know to take advantage of the fact that I have a PC on my Mac!

I don’t suppose anyone knows the answer to this?