Solidworks Renderings

Suggestions for a good renderer to use with Solidworks models? I’ve been using photoworks for years and feel its time to ‘turn up’ the quality of my presentation images…

thanks ip- I also took a look at this thread before posting. Wondering if there is are any different considerations for use with Solidworks. Also, any thoughts on Bunkspeed Vs Maxwell?

That’s kind of why I gave you that link. There’s already quite a bit of commentary on it already. What’s your budget?

Free = Blender
moderate to expensive =
Rhino (w/Flamingo, Brazil, others)
Many others I have missed

The list is extensive and can’t be answered directly. Most all of them have been discussed in many forms…just do a search.

there is actually no mention of solidworks or maxwell in that thread…
but thanks and i will keep searching others.