Solidworks Pricing

I am in the process of putting together a proposal for the purchase of two seats of Solidworks Professional 2008 with Essentials Training and Maintanence for each seat. Does anyone know about what price I should be expecting? I got one quote in, but it seems on the high side.

Can’t comment on pricing…but I would make sure you get 2007 in the bundle under the same license. From everything I have heard '08 isn’t ready for prime time yet.

Professional should be like $5500
Training should be $1200 (4 days or so)
Maintenance should be $1200 or so.

I’m impressed with the 2007 sw software. Anyone mess much with the new version? I am about to drop for a few new seats but we have to wait till January. what does professional have that other seats not have?

Skyarrow: If you bargain hard, you can get those seats cheap. They know they will make up the difference when it comes time to upgrade to the next version. If they don’t want to bargain with you, just tell them it costs too much and wait a week for their next offer.

Buy your software in December. The Solidworks sales monkeys need to make their year end numbers and will give away stuff if they need to.

Just remember - if it doesn’t have a barcode - it’s negotiable!!!