Solidworks Parts Library...?

Can anyone recommend any online Solidworks parts libraries? Looking for standard knick knacks and hardware- screws, bolts,fasteners, hooks etc. Free or subscription, doesn’t matter any resource will do! Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Use Toolbox that comes with SW Professional. Works great most of the time when you use it correctly.
Otherwise, McMaster-Carr has most of their hardware available. As well as 3D Content Central through Solidworks. I’ve found computer fans, hydraulics, etc, in there from actual suppliers and from average joe modelers.

I’ve been searching the internet for about an hour looking for a 3D model (IGES preferred - to open in Solidworks) of a mountain bike. There are several sites willing to sell me a 3DS max model for $50 - $100, but I only need it as a prop and don’t really want to pop for the bucks - and then drag the model through a few programs to get it into SW.

Any help? Any Trek guys out there with a throw-away model I can use?

have you looked through SketchUp’s library yet?