Solidworks on Macbook pro

Hello community,

I´m new to here. I would like to know wether Solidworks is running on Macbook pro and it´s graphics card.

I’ve ran in reasonable well on a now 4 year old 13" macbook pro, so I presume it would work on the newer ones as well. In windows through bootcamp, mind you.

Thanks. Good to know.

I’ve seen it done with no hiccups whatsoever as long as you keep your assembly size in check.

Agreed x2,

My 4+ year old MacBook has gotten slow as heck every time I have updated it with each new OS. But since I installed Bootcamp about a year ago, I am actually using the Windows side much more than the Mac side of the hard drive – it boots up 3x as fast and even applications like Chrome are that much quicker.

Solidworks (and Keyshot too) are working fine too. The only small issue I have had is that the RealView graphics doesn’t work (i.e. models aren’t shiny when you spin them around in SW), but that is no big deal.

As others have said, my Macbook has no issues running Solidworks in bootcamp. Make sure that you allow enough extra partition space for Solidworks to actually run, and not just enough to install it.