Solidworks on a Macbook Pro?

Is anyone running Solidworks 2008 or 2009 on an Apple computer? I’ve read mixed things on some blogs, but it sounds like there are some people running SW on a new intel mac (using XP via boot camp). I know SW doesn’t support it necessarily, but in theory, it should be fine, correct?

If anyone has tried it and has experienced any problems (or had great success), please let me know.

Your input is appreciated,


been using SW 08 for a year now with boot camp and XP Pro on my MBP.
Runs very well, no need to get a PC.

I saw Pro/E run on a MAC PRO with no noticeable slowness. I did not get to test an assembly or any products with noticeable file sizes. I suspect Soldworks would run about the same.

I run SW 08 perfectly on my MacBook Pro using XP with Boot Camp. Works much better than when I was using my Toshiba Satellite.

I’ve been running Solidworks through VMware Fusion and it’s running very well. So, you shouldn’t have an issue dual booting with Bootcamp or using a virtual machine like VWmare or Parallels. Both seem to be a good solution.

Not trying to jack your thread, but what about solidworks on an iMac?

Isn’t that exactly what were talking about? Doesn’t matter if it’s an imac, macbook pro, macbook, etc ect… As long as it has an intel chip it can run windows and therefore run Solidworks.

If it helps…I’m running off a 2.5ghz processor with 4gb of memory. Like I said, this seems to be working fine for me.

I’ve been running Solidworks on a Mac Pro using Bootcamp without any problems.

One question I have is has anyone experienced any graphic card related problems, as some of the NVIDIA GeForce and ATI Radeon cards used in the Mac aren’t solidworks certified. Do you have full Realview capability, or is there any other difference noticed between running SW on a Mac vs. PC?

That’s really great to hear… CAD packages were the only reason I haven’t really considered a mac yet, and it Pro runs on it, that changes everything for me

Thats what I was asking. Does the iMac have the muscle to run it. Thanks.

For some programs the graphics chip is the important part, not as much the processor… It always used to be an OpenGL type graphics processor with a minimum 128 of RAM. DirectX supposedly was more for gaming. back in the day, certain programs like Alias or ProE wouldn’t display the 3D image correctly without the correct type of graphics card

PS - I’ve seen friends running Solidworks 2008 on a Mac and it definitely worked, but certain functionality is disabled… like the RealView dynamic rendering modes. It has to be because of the graphics card wasn’t optimized for it

dnikitiuk—Nice point about the real view/graphics card. This won’t be smooth for you, but real view is more of a luxury, right? The zebra stripe view in Solidworks just says, “no” as well. It’ll do it, but it gets very laggy. Zebra stripes…who uses that anyways…

PackageID— Yeah, the imac should work fine. It’s no Mac Pro, but it’ll get the job done for you.

ugh…so there are some issues with the graphics cards? that’s a bummer, I was afraid of that. I don’t really do any rendering in SW, I do it in bunkspeed (anyone know doing bunkspeed on a mac!!!) but it would be nice to occassionaly use the realview or zebra stripes, not that I rely on them.

I bought a Dell studio 17. It was way cheaper and it runs Pro/E without a hitch. Plus I like that it has a real number keypad on the side as opposed to just having the number keys along the top row. I know thats not very important but I still like it.

Eh… I think you’re allowing yourself to be too afraid by the prospect of Solidworks on a mac. I am able to do test renders with photoworks in Solidworks to check surfaces without a problem. However, like I said before, If you want Real View on or constantly use Zebra Stripes (?) then it’s probably not for you. I’ve had huge assemblies going with little problem.

As for Bunkspeed…no real issues there either. Assuming you’re not on a laptop you could also run Maxwell (Shoot…I think there’s even a Mac version of Maxwell). I’ve seen Bunkspeed run on laptops with no problem.

There’s even a Maxwell plug-in for Solidworks that works really well, but again, wouldn’t use Maxwell on a laptop…unless you like melted plastic…

If you’re too wigged about running Bunkspeed on a Mac in PC mode…why not keep it native to Mac? (scroll down)

I have to say RealView is one of my favorite parts of SolidWorks and one of the things that it does better than something like ProE (at least for me )

Its so nice to be able to just screen grab images for a quick review rather than mess with a rendering - even with something dead simple like Hypershot. I would be be a compromise to loose a cool feature like that in exchange for having Mac hardware

So, if I understand correctly, Real View is not possible at all on a MacBook Pro? I’d love to have it as an option but if its the only thing that I will miss, then its not a big issue for me.

As for the Bunkspeed issue, I already own a copy for windows and I’d prefer to not have to purchase a Mac version or have to reboot to go from SW to Hypershot, so I’ll probably keep the windows version. I just wanted to make sure it won’t be a problem.

Real view works fine, everything works fine on my MBP.

So, if I understand correctly, Real View is not possible at all on a MacBook Pro?

I helped with an ID class this spring and about half had PC’s and half had Macs… I don’t know what the details were, but several of them didn’t have the real-view option. Maybe the more bling models can use it

hi all

can i ask you what graphic card you have ?
i have a unibody macbook pro 9600m gt card with 256 memory and realview does not work. All the rest is fine

best regards