Solidworks models - free or to buy?


Does anyone know where i can get a Solidworks model of a car? I need one for an animation to show how my product works inside a car.

Thanks in advance

3d content central is your best bet for anything solidworks… its all free. heres some cars!

they have a few but i dont know how suitable they’ll be for ya

Great link, I suppose this is one of the best (free)? There’s something similar for Rhino or will i have to convert the stuff? Thanks in advance!

If you are willing to import models done in other 3d programs you can also check out cars on . Some are extremely detailed

Hi, you could try, recently launched and specifically for buying and selling quality SolidWorks models, they might have a car on there or you could request one from their subscribers.

Hope it helps

I would agree and definitely use turbo squid as it has a huge range and if your willing to pay, very detailed, accurate models.

You can put the request up to GrabCAD. You will definitely find someone who have CAD model.