Solidworks industrial design and subd modelling tools?

I don’t see much info about on solidworks industrial design. Has anyone tried it out and the new subd modelling tools?

I’ve pushed the Creo Sub’d tools really hard and I hope Monday to have a new video online for it. Ill get back to you on the SW tools.

Creo 1.0 - Bicycle Bottom End Bracket | Design Engine using Creo Freestyle - YouTube < Sub’d Bicycle frame in Creo from a few years ago

Learn Creo 1.0 - Freestyle Subdivisional Modeler - YouTube < Sub’d car front end from a few years ago

Interesting creo videos. I look forward to seeing the SW update

I’ve had a demo of the Solidworks-ID, and looks like a big workflow issue integrating data into Solidworks for detailing. You be better off using the power surfacing plugin integrated within Solidworks.

If you are looking for sub-D in a CAD package Siemens NX also has good integration.