Solidworks help

I used to have the student version of Solidworks and this summer I purchased the Professional Standard edition. I have been using it for a bit. The problem is since I installed it over my previous student edition when I open files that I have created I get a “this file was created with a student version of Solidworks” message. Do I need to do a clean install? Is there something I need to do to not loose my serial number while uninstalling. Any advice would be appreciated.

Where did you buy it from? A Value Added Reseller (VAR)? If you bought it through one, call them and they can help you with that error. Likely you’ll need to reinstall, but you won’t lose your serial. You just need to unauthorize your copy first.

I bought it through a referral from the Solidworks website. I’ll try the reinstall and if that doesn’t work I’ll contact them. Thanks.

Make sure you unauthorize it first!!

You’ll need to remove the student edition completely from your computer before activating your full license. The problem is that the student version leaves remnants in your registry files that will continually display the “student version” watermark on all your files until this is properly corrected. After cleaning the registry you can install with your new serial number. Contact the VAR who you bought the software from to do this.

Secondly any files that you have created in the student version will also have the “student version” watermark and need to be sent into Solidworks to be cleaned.

If you didn’t buy a subscription with the software remember that you are entitled to 3 months FREE support from the date of purchase as stated in your license agreement. The VAR’s will “forget” to tell you this.

Yes, I would suggest you to go for a clean installation in this case. That is you have to remove student edition completely, then install the premium version. In this scenario go for a complete uninstallation, and then install the premium version alone back to your system and that will fix the issue.


If you created the models in the student version it will always say this when you open them no matter what. If you are createing brand new models in the proffesional version this should not happen.