solidworks help needed

Hi all,

I am working on an organic shape and I need to refine it, as solidworks is giving me an “edge” where I want my surface to be completely smooth…
I tryed a million different things, and at the end what worked best so far is using a boundary surface.
I was given very precise profiles for both end and the diagonal, as well as the base.
Any ideas on how I could get rid of this sharper area? where the highlight get thinner
I tried playing around with the freeform tool but (…maybe just because I haven’t used it much before) it doesn’t seem very precise…

Any advice would be much appreciated.



I think you are using the right tools, boundary surfaces. The only way to gain more control is using more surfaces. Try to break down the area where the highlight you want to control is and then use continuity controls to make the rest follow.

BTW, alias will have the same problems.

Agree with 914. Sometimes two surfaces with a continuous curvature relation will give you better results than one.

You might also try adding another control curve that goes through the area with the highlight. Draw a spline, constrain it to the existing curves, display curvature combs on it and tweak the tangency handles until you get something that works for you.