SolidWorks Gallery

:sunglasses: Hello All,

I would like to invite you to see my solidworks gallery I created on a free website. I look forward to everyone’s comments good or bad.

You can see it here:

Your current home page, er… sucks :astonished: . It’s blank and contains no useful or interesting information. I was very surprised at the amount of skills and examples you actually have on this site! But if I were a prospective employer, I might not be inclined to go any further than this first awful page.

Experienced Solidworks User should be the home page for your website: it’s excellently laid out and highlights important aspects of your experience. Just stick the links to your portfolio and resumé pages on it, and you’ll have a tight, information rich and good looking website. I would not alter it much beyond this.

If you’re going for the classic resume, it should be in PDF format; it’s much more portable and professional. You might also want to include written descriptions along with each model, detailing your thought and design process.

You also want to find a replacement for the Bart Simpson logo; you WILL run in to copyright issues. However, the size and placement of Bart looks great on your ‘About’ page, so replace it with something similar.

Re-arrangement of your ‘About’ page as your home page, leading to your ‘Gallery’ and ‘Resume’ sections should be your top priority.

Hope this is useful!

thats nice stuff, Do you have anything witch is purly an orgaic form? Maby try modling somthing like the Alessi nail clipper, taht would be impressive