solidworks for mac

I have a variwty of topics to address, chime in on anything you have any experience with:

First off, time to buy a new laptop, want a mac, but need to run 3d.

Is there any new innovation for virtual pc on osx?
Any luck/experience running solidworks/alias/rhino on this platform?
Any hope for the future for pc programs on osx?


never used cobalt, is it comparible with pc based modeling programs?
Any other decent 3d apps for mac?


recommendations on decent laptops for running 3d(i know this question is in tons of discussions, but feel free to give your most recent opinions)

solidworks and rhino will run on osx with the help of virtual pc. mind you it willl be somewhat slow…on my 12" powerbook, maxed out with ram…it virtual pc is still somewhat slow… i’m curious to see if the performance improvement with a higher end powerbook or on a g5 tower running the latest build of vpc. i’ve tried working with cobalt…it feels kinda clumsy after i’ve worked with solidworks, alias and pro-e.

I’m running G4 single proc, os9. Rhino runs very nice, no issues other than slightly different key commands. Solidworks is good if staying solid but slows down considerably doing surfaces, plus a minor glitch here and there. Not sure about x but I’d assume with dual processors it would be faster than mine.

I’d get a dedicated Windows XP machine to run the 3D apps. Virtual PC is too slow and not practical. If you like Macs try learning SolidThinking. Otherwise get a Mac for your everyday and graphics stuff and use the Windows PC for the 3D apps.

my recommendation is that laptops are not good enough for CAD programs like solidworks. it couldn’t even install right the 2004 on the first run let alone 2005.