Solidworks export to 3DS Max solution found (i think!)

Ok following on from my previous post asking for advice about translation options of 3D data for the above programs, I have another method which so far renders very nicely.

I downloaded an .obj export plugin demo for solidworks then imported that filetype into Max and found rather nice results. So if you were having the same dilema as me, give it try!

use .stl as all the poly’s are correct, just import it into max.

Also the powerNURBS thing which somebody offers (google it) is pretty sweet as well, but costs a bundle.


i’ve been exporting solidworks to rhino as a step file, exploding, saving in rhino as a step, open this file AGAIN in rhino, exploding again, save that as a rhino file. i have to do that twice or the wireframe disappears when i apply UVW mapping to it in 3DS. weird, i know.

i import it as a rhino file into 3DS. on the positive, 3ds recognizes the parts’ names and labels them as such.

yeah its a bit curious when you have to do things like that isnt it, gotta love max :slight_smile:

This technique always worked for me.

You may want to try the new SimLab Solidworks importer from 3D Studio max
The plug-in can be found at Simlab 3D Plugins - SolidWorks importer for 3ds Max

It maintains geometry and materials including texture coordinates.