Solidworks Contract Rate

What rate should a new Solidworks Freelance designer expect? If anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it.

I guess the problem here is also what the market is willing to pay.
I would /should expect at least $40/50 an hour. (not sure if you are supplying your hardware and software)
But then again times have been tough and some places will think that’s too much. Its a crappy situation not knowing since you don’t want to quote too high and lose the bid, but don’t want to quote too low and be ripping yourself off.

I guess it also depends on whether the contract will lead to more work.

(also I guess it depends on what level of detail they want (do they want tech drawings made or just appearnce graphics) and what level of competency you are at.

Good luck!

ive done some SWX sidework (believe it or not, i do have a fulltime ID job) for $35 an hour. Thats nearly twice what im getting paid during the workday.

work is work, and i dont want to loose it just b/c my rate is too high so look at it as two jobs at $35 are better than NO jobs at $50. do the work, get paid, and go play outside.

at the end of the day, you should be thinking about how long the whole project is going to take and how much you want for it, and do the math to get your hourly. I wish i could charge $50 - maybe when im 50…

cost of software/hardware
any other expenses incurred
your experience level/what you think you are worth

what you can charge

personally i won’t take a solidworks gig for less than $50 and hour
but i am also pretty fluent with the program and can blast through projects at a pretty good speed + use my own setup.