SolidWorks Cloud Timeline?

I’m currently deciding which OS Version of CS5 to buy before I graduate, which in turn determines what my next work laptop will be, which in turn determines what my modeling/rendering capabilities will be.

Anyone know the timeline for SolidWorks going Cloud? I can get buy on a new MacBook Pro for a year or two if I know the cloud version is coming. Any advice?

I don’t know, but I would venture to guess it won’t be soon. Just a guess though. It seems to me that’s a bit to computationally heavy to throw on the cloud.

I wouldn’t hold my breath for a cloud (or mac version) in the near future. It’ll come along as announced but who knows when. You can always dual boot the mbp. Unfortunately, I’m kinda annoyed that the high end apple notebooks have a 512mb 330m geforce card. I want a 1gb option at the very least! or quadro!? I can’t say firsthand how SW runs on a bootcamp mac. It’s been a few years since I tried it (2007) and it ran just fine back then.

With that said, I’d never buy a windows notebook. :smiley: Okay, maybe I’d go for one of these if i HAD to :smiling_imp:

SW runs very well here in bootcamp.

I work on a mbp from january 2007 with a ati x1600 (this gfx is cursed).
Im actually impressed of how smooth SW runs, compared to Alias. Rhino seems to be doing well too. Havent made any colossal builds in a long while though.

So far i do everything 3D related in xp, and everything else in OSX. I do run rhino for mac quite a bit, but thats mostly for small scale stuff and educational purpose.

To me it seems that my mbp gets a lot warmer when running osx with any graphic heavy software. It tends to lag/freeze after a while, but i havent encountered that in windows yet. Totally unscientific observations though.

I saw that you asked about that stuff in another thread somewhere, so I’m getting a bit OT now. Paralells was so-so with 3d software, but could me my gfx performing poorly in osx. Friend uses PC rhino i parallels all the time and it never fails him. Dont hesitate to PM if you have any Q’s

@bngi have you tried smcFanControl? Setting it to higher RPM works wonders for temps. (tip: if you set it in osx and then reboot into windows, the setting stays :slight_smile: )

Yeah, use it all the time. I want to tear her apart and replace the cooling paste on the heatsinks, but theres not really time for it, also i dont want to risk it before my project is finished :slight_smile:

Thanks though!