SolidWorks Certification

Hi everyone.

I’m about to graduate and awarded training from a local reseller for my grad project.
I was looking at getting for the CSWP certification anyway but now with the free training and soon looking for a junior position or internship i was wondering what others think would be valuable training + certification and or give me a edge in going for a job

Certified SolidWorks Professional (CSWP)

Areas I’m thinking;
CSWP - Surfacing Specialist
CSWP - Advanced Mold Tools

Others certifications available or training in;
CSWP - Sheet Metal
CSWP - Weldments
CSWP - Simulation Professional

Cheers Andrew

How many can you take?

Personally I’d go for surfacing (obvious), sheet metal (can be real handy when you have those kind of parts, to be able to unfold them is priceless) and simulation (you may want some reassurance that your design will bear the load, makes battle with engineering easier). But if available, as #2 I would take one on how to build a model properly with cross-referencing, master parts etc. It can get tricky when you have many items that share same components, knowing how to handle that properly can save plenty of time and money for a company.

I was gonna say forget about mold tools, but realized I have never used those. So I don’t really know what I have, or have not, missed. There may be some great tools there, but it’s not like I would ever design a mold, just what I want to come out of it.

But be careful - you will be hired for the skill you excel at the most, and you might just end up being a CAD go-to guy. Nothing wrong with that if that’s what you want though.

Cheers Engio.

food for thought.