SolidWorks - Any Active Guide-Type Help Program Available?

I’m trying to learn SolidWorks rapidly, and I was wondering if there exists an active assistant-type program out there that could ask what the user wants to do next, offer suggestions on how to proceed, options for accomplishing the next step, etc.!

I’m an inventor-designer trying to depict my inventions in 3D CAD, so it’s tricky trying to think of an invention, design issues, & how to depict it in CAD all at the same time!

Thanks for any suggestions! I have dozens of inventions I’d like to depict in 3D CAD, so I’ve a lot of work to do, and I’d like to speed up the process as much as possible!

My advice on learning Solidworks: don’t, get Pro/E instead.

not sure if what you ask for exists but don’t quote me on that. the best way is to download some existing files and go back in the history tree to see how the file was built.

also try this link. this guy knows his stuff.

hope this helps

Thanks both of you for your suggestions!

Fata Morgana - that web site you mentioned is great, thanks! As to your other suggestion, if I can’t find the program or add-on I’m looking for, I guess there’s no alternative but to memorize the various Solid Works procedures! However, seeing how the pros do things can be a good clue as to what might be the shortest route or method to adopt in a similar situation, when more than one method exists.

nuckle head - For now I must use Solid Works (I take it you aren’t a fan!), but I did see Pro Engineer in action at a trade show and was impressed!